AquaPro™ is a product line of pumps manufactured by GP Enterprises Co., Ltd., a global leader in the manufacturing of residential water pumps and accessories. Working with domestic manufacturers and retailers alike, GP Enterprises Co., Ltd., has developed a reputation for providing innovative, high-quality pumps and accessories at an outstanding value.

GP Enterprises Co., Ltd., through AquaPro, offers one of the strongest private label programs for retailers with our products. Private labeling helps drive more consolidation and ultimately more profitability for the retailer – and the chains with strong private label programs have generally been the most successful consolidators.

GP Enterprises Co., Ltd. helps OEMs gain control over the quality and reliability of what they offer their customers through the use of private labeling AquaPro products. Quality and reliability are at the center of competing in the marketplace and critical to a company's reputation and profitability.

Founded in 1998, GP Enterprises Co., Ltd., is a privately held company employing over 400 highly trained individuals. Our North American headquarters, including leadership, sales, and technical support is located in Downers Grove, IL. Products are shipped from our Central Distribution facility in Romeoville, IL with emergency inventories strategically located throughout North America.